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Posted by Jomo on Tuesday February 28, 2012 12:36:20:

Glo Nigeria is offering a new package called Always Micro that allows users to be able to browse the internet for as low as N1000 a month only. I think this may be one of the lowest prices on can have to access the internet and with a large quota of 150mb, what more could you ask for? Maybe unless you do a lot of large file downloading or uploading, Glo always micro is good enough to hceck your facebook acount daili as well as your yahoo mail. This package from Glo is good enough for even forex traders who use streamster or metatrader. It is good enough for job seekers who want an easy way to connect to job sites and access their online cvs or make applications.

You could browse for a month for only 1000 naira using your Glo hspda modem or mobile phone and all you have to do is send 13 to 127 as long as you have a minimum of N1000 airtime credit.

Some drawbacks:
It is not suitable for people who watch videos online or for Youtube addicts because those are heavy sites and can exhaust your package even in a few hours.

Subscribing to this package:
All you need to do is send "13" to 127 without the quotes and you will be able to browse more affordably on this plan.

Re: Browse on Glo for only N1000 a month Posted by titi on Tuesday August 16, 2011 at 14:9:45:

i am unable 2 use my glo line 08057234471 to browse or purchase any data plan.kindly help out

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