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Posted by Ekene Liz on Tuesday February 28, 2012 12:41:31:

Google adsense is a publishing program that allows web site owners to make money from their online publishing efforts by allowing Google to advertise on the spaces on their website. Participating in the Google adsense programe requires that a person has a website that attracts traffic, has useful content adn applies for an account. Once approved, a publisher can start using Google's ads which come in form on javascript codes, on his website. The ads will then start showing after adsense bot has crawled his website and starts to display related ads.
The good thing about Google adsense is that it shows adverts that are most related to what a website is all about. If your website is mostly related to baby products or web hosting, the adverts that will show on your site will also be related to baby products or web hosting if there are any advertisers available.

How you you earn money from Google adsense?
If offers two main ways to earn money which are on Pay per click and CPM basic which means that one earns when ads are validly clicked and when ads have been displayed per thousand impressions.

After earning up to $100 in a given month, Google will normally send a check to the publisher before the end of the next month.


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