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Posted by Ernest on Tuesday February 28, 2012 13:53:28:

What's the worst that can happen when a guy asks a girl out? Well she could say yes, no or I'll think about it.
Every guy prefers the first positive answer and no one would want no for an answer since it would even seem that the girl never liked you. It's hard enough or a guy to go the mile to ask a girl he asks out but that's why he's a guy - he has to do the hard stuff, but if the girl should say no, it could really crush his ego and make him feel discouraged to ask another girl out.
Actually asking a girl out should not be a hard thing for guys as most girls naturally expect it from a guy but for a girl to ask a guy out, then that is what I call courage. In order for a guy to increase his chances of getting a yes from a girl he tries to woo is to first try to be a friend. Girls would most likely say no to you if you are a stranger or is approaching her in an unsettled environment like an alley or road. If you are not close to her yet, then try to do so such as attending public places she likes frequenting like school, after school lessons, shopping malls, cybercafes, cinemas, church or even eateries. You could even try going to the same bank she goes or join a social club she belongs to. All of those things can help increase your chances of getting a yes when you ask her out but the best is by first of all getting friendly with her before going any further to be her best friend

Re: If you ask a girl out Posted by Alfred on Tuesday May 10, 2011 at 9:24:26:

I toasted this girl and she said yes but now I am bothered. Why was she relatively easy? Does she really like me?

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