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Posted by Gbenga on Friday November 20, 2015 16:17:16:

There is a growing problem in Nigeria and it's on the issue of unsatisfied Nigerians who feel they've been marginalized for long and simply want to opt out of the Federal republic of Nigeria. It's made of people who feel they've been neglected from the services which a government ought to provide for so long and so feel the need to have their own government much lcoser to them. On one hand, there are those who want to resurrect Biafra, a nation that once existed for a bout 3 years and was made up of the south east and some parts of the south South and on another hand, there are those in the South South who feel that they've been contributing the most to Nigeria's income but receive very little for it. There are also those who are outside of government and who feel they've not been gaining anything from either a democractic of military government since the 1960s and just feel that the best way to move forward is to break away from the country.

Are there still people in Nigeria who believe that Nigeria would become a success story? I'm not sure except maybe for the youths but for most older Nigerians who believe they saw the best in the 1980s, they feel they may never live long enough to see a greater Nigeria where everything like electricity, good roads, security and stable business environment worked.

Some people are agitating for a new nation called Biafra while some would rather want a division between north and south of Nigeria through a referendum just like South Sudan did. If there was a referendum, would many Nigerians vote for 2 countries rather than one? I think a vote for a republic of Southern Nigeria would actually be more realizable than a vote for the resurrection of Biafra.

The bottom line is that there is a growing number of dissatisfied Nigerians who are basically unhappy that their government and politicians make the most money compared to other governments in Africa but the masses are still battling with poverty. The government needs to wake up and let the dividends of democracy trickle downloads so that it doesn't reach a time when the whole nation would go up in flames just because everyone except those in Abuja are unsatisfied and it becomes a revolution.


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