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Posted by Peter on Tuesday February 28, 2012 14:1:29:

The ACN has again show its strength in Lagos as the people have indicated their interest in allowing him to continue in office. When the presidential elections took place, it seemed that people were voting for the ruling party PDP and she won in Lagos much more than the ACN by having over 1,000,000 votes, now with Fashola's re-election, it seems that not many people came out to vote as it was not up to the over 1m that voted in Lagos for Jonathan.

Re: Fashola wins in Lagos - 2011 elections Posted by Dipak on Sunday June 10, 2012 at 15:5:25:

Lai Mohammed anyway, his name is innerehtly full of issues if we have time to go into full cross examination!!! Let's leave that till another day Mr Pub Sec from Kwara, how shameless you are? Fashola Tunde is probably you kid brother and chop chop does not allow you to say at least an iota of truth. Na wa ooo. Please, ACN leadership should have a lot of rethink. I was a teenager when in Osun State Chief Bisi Akande did same thing and our highly respected Uncle Bola Ige of blessed memory did not see anything wrong in sacking and such that he would prevail on Uncle Bisi to stop the sacking that eventually culminated in the deaths of many of those teachers sacked in Osun State early last decade. Lai and Baba jeun soke are also watching issues degenerating to the point of sacking over 700 medical personnel in Lagos State, a State that is currently being envied by non-performing President and his political Gladiators.Gov Fashola Sir. I so much respect you and I will still never disrespect you Sir. I only want you to know that Baba Awolowo did not do this. Last year, at a function in UNILAG, I listened to Prof. Olaide Abass saying many things about Baba Awolowo and how the policies of Baba Awolowo's Govt helped many people of your generation, which was why most of you guys got the basics that later helped in shaping your lives.I have these questions for you sir, Your Excellency. Do you think ACN is any way better than PDP? From imposition within the Party to misplaced priorities and so on, will it be out of place to say that your recorded successes are a merely fluke? Why are ACN leaders also giving us the impression that they too are clueless and only interested in their own welfare alone? I hold a spot in the hope that the sack is still a mere threat Let us wait and see.However, there General Practitioners- Docs you are mostly called. Why are you allowing this house to fall the more? Why on earth will Docs be handling issues with Area Boy Diplomacy like Tom Ikimi of this world? Let us do away with unnecessary activism of University days,please. It is no longer fashionable. Please, please and please, if there is still chance of reinstatement, let us all dialogue. Eko o ni baje

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