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Posted by Emeka on Tuesday February 28, 2012 13:59:38:

It is not a personal grudge against Buhari or the man of God Tunde Bakare but the truth is that Ndigbo are tired of having northerners in power as they have ruled the nation for a very long time and now and are still unsatisfied. Buhari as a general is coming back in civilian uniform to campaign for the general elections on the platform of the PDP. The truth is that it would be much easier Ndigbo to vote for PDP or PPA or just boycott the election than vote for CPC. Igbo people do not find it easy to trust military men or Pro-sharia candidates from the north despite the unholy alliance with Pastor Bakare. It would also be send by Ndigbo as another Hausa-Yoruba alliance with no benefits for Ndigbo. That is why it would be much easier to vote for Jonathan and the PDP since he has already in clear terms started and promised to complete development projects for the region. Ndigbo for now don't see any benefit for voting the the CPC or Buhari and most Southerners think in the same direction also. I think the AC would win more votes in the South West than the CPC when the elections are held but with their failed alliances, CPC and AC's wins would allow the PDP to get the federal votes they require to keep the seat in 2011

Re: Why Ndigbo would not vote for Buhari Posted by Chuks on Tuesday May 10, 2011 at 10:1:17:

It was surprising the way Jonathan cleared millions of votes in the 5 south eastern states where Buhari hardly made any inroads. This was a landslide victory for Ebele

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