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Posted by oShady on Tuesday February 28, 2012 13:58:57:

With the growing influence of the ACN, I think they may cause an upset for the PDP as more Yoruba people would more likely vote for Ribadu and Adeola rather than for Jonathan's PDP.
With CPC's and ACN's Hausa-Yoruba alliance, political opposition is trying hard to battle it out with the ruling PDP's machinery which is set to win the general elections once again. Will it e a landslide victory? Time will tell but it seems that none of them are looking to get votes from Nigeria's former easter region where Jonathan already has a strong support. The other remaining option them was for parties like the ACN to seek for votes from the core north which is mostly Hausa/Fulani and South West which is mostly Yoruba in order to be able to give PDP a tight chase for the election. The ACN would have done better if they selected a Christian VP as candidte rather than choosing candidates who are both Muslim and this may cause them to loose the needed bulk votes in the South West which is divided between the two religions. CPC already did a good job at that but being that the party's leader is not from the region, it may not have as much effect in the region than the ACN would. The way I see it, ACN would get the most votes in the region than other parties but the PDP may come really closer and make some surprises.


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