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Posted by Chika on Monday August 17, 2015 12:4:35:

I was surprised that a state chairman of PDP could actually betray his party by moving to an opposition party as elections drew near. With the way politicians in Nigeria are cross-carpeting from one political party to another, it only goes to show that no one can be trusted. Things like this don't happen in countries like the USA or UK where we are copying democracy form because it would be considered dishonourable. It's probably better for a politician to resign from office rather than just switching from one party to another. Where is the loyalty? Where is the honour? What about the good name?

Why did Timi Alaibe cross over to an opposition party despite the fact that Bayelsa state has been under the rule of the PDP for many years and has received a lot of infrastructural development? Is it just to be in the good books of the APC which is now the ruling party?

Any good democracy needs an opposition party without it creating a violent environment. Did he switch parties because of his fear of Buhari? I mean, your state has produced the first Niger Delta President and yet you chose to switch to the APC. I think it's disheartening. It's dishonourable and it's not a good way to act as a politician.

Will the people of Bayelsa still support Timi Alaibe? Will they vote for the APC? Who rules bayelsa by the time the elections hold in December? Only time will tell.


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