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Posted by Chima on Monday August 17, 2015 8:50:4:

Mohammed Buhari is now president of Nigeria and one of the things he promised us is change. Can he provide the kind of change Nigerians believed in. Well, his actions from 2015 will determine if Nigerians would bless or curse his name and that of the APC in the future.

When a President that has not chosen ministers to work with him after 2 months in office, it can be hard to believe that

Based on the results of the 2015 presidential election, it showed that many Nigerians still believed in Jonathan Goodluck, at least 44% of voters while Buhari had about 53% in his favour. It shows that the country is politically divided along the middle and people can easily swing sides depending on how Baba go slow performs.

Nigerians are impatient and don't want Buhari to focus too much on probing Jonathan Goodluck's administration but it also seems that the probe is selective as the President announced that he was only going to limit himself to the presidency of Jonathan and the big question is why. It seems like military Generals have a pact that lets them protect their predecessors but not so for full blooded civilian presidents. Why did Buhari choose not to probe the administration of Obasanjo also? Well, ordinary Nigerians are not really concerned about probimg because they believe that like the Abacha loot, if any money is recovered, it will be shared or go missign at the top without anything reaching to the grassroots.

When will the Nigeria ngovernment start paying monthly unemployment or oil allowance to people? It may be ok if they at least start paying every Nigerian voter at least N50,000 per month from our oil sales. If we say, let them use the money to build roads, invest in electricity or build houses, the contract is normally inflated and in the end, they end up spending 3 times or more on on inflated contracts thanks to bribery and corruption.

Jonathan Goodluck's administration is not the problem right now as Nigeria is still making a lot of money on a daily basis. Our main problem is the National assembly, politicians and ASO rock which keep inflating their salaries and allowances while ordinary Nigerian keep suffering despite they fact that this is Africa's richest nation.

I think Buhari should stop being a baba go slow and start acting like a President of the masses who voted for him else they may revolt back to the PDP or some other minority party when 2019 comes back.


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