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Posted by Emeka on Friday April 3, 2015 8:20:0:

I have to say that INEC was not efficient in conducting the 2015 Presidential elections as a lot of people did not come out to vote.

1. Lower voter turnout in South:
If you compare the number of people who got their PVCs to the number of people that actually came out to vote, you will know that the numbers are less in the South than in the north. The lines were long and INEC officials came later and so voters preferred staying home than wasting time at the fewer polling booths.

2. Low PVC distribution: I have to say that this is one way through which INEC reduced the number of voters in Southern Nigeria. They distributed less PVCs in the South than in the North. So, many people I know that voted in 2011 were not given their PVCs by INEC and so did not vote.

3. Fewer polling booths: INEC also systematically starved southern Nigeria voters who most likely supported Jonathan from voting by creating less polling booths than were available in the north and so there was mostly a long queue for voters and some of them eventually did not even bother waiting. It took me 3 hours just to get accredited.

4. INEC officials came late: I have to say that INEC officials came late to many polling booths in states in the South like Lagos. We waited for INEC from 8 am til about 11.30 a.m. just to vote but they did not show up. When they eventually showed up, their lines were too much and the sun had already come out and it was scorching. People are less likely to vote if they've been made to go through a lot of stress. Many old people could not wait and so did not vote.

5. Accreditation and Voting were time wasters: I also have to say that this process of getting accredited in the morning and then coming back to vote in the afternoon just to vote was not a good process by INEC. It took time to get accredited and I did mine by 3 pom only to come back by 6 pm just to vote. It was really stressful.

6. Card readers were not working well: In many places in the South such as Lagos, Bayelsa, Anambra, INEC's card readers from China were not working efficiently just like INEC. Card readers were either not able to validate or was rejecting a lot of cards and so people were just waiting almost endlessly at the poll.s


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