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Posted by kenneth on Thursday March 22, 2012 4:33:17:

TRUE TALK: For does of us that are selling e-books, we know that the presentation is the most important thing. Meaning, your e-book cover is like your face if you have an attracting cover you get noticed more. Now the question is how do you create a professional looking cover for CD, E-books , Magazines and more without paying a dime well i have all the solution you seek my friend. Now i know what you would be saying subconsciously(he wants me to pay for what he says is free) the truth is yes i do because this is the internet and after learning this little secret of mine you could make an e-book using my materials i provide and still make money(sounds good?)so lets be wise OK.. this is a step by step guide to creating you e-book cover the software's and everything will be provided for you... if it sounds reasonable to you just send me an email with the title E-BOOK COVER(note: how to create CD cover and Magazines will also be in the guide)
Please send this email to itking011@gmail.com or drop your email so that i will contact you..(but the one that sends me a request gets a discount prize..lol)


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