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Posted by bintexhimself on Thursday March 13, 2014 11:33:25:

Nigerian artist Olu Maintain who sang the song titled ‘Yahoose’, has disclosed that he spent about $60 000 (N9.6million) on a wristwatch.

The Nigerian act said this when Entertainment Rave reporter asked him what his most priced item is and he said it’s his $60 000 wristwatch.

‘I have a diamond wristwatch I got for $20,000 in 2009 and another gold plated Rolex wristwatch I bought recently which gulped $26,000. The diamond wristwatch is far ahead every other fashion item I have because the carat is quite heavy and the cheapest line of the watch you can get from the jeweler who customized mine presently costs about $60,000,’ Olu Maintain reportedly said when asked the most expensive item he possesses.

It would be recalled that the artiste recently, released a video ‘Ennuff Effizzi’ which analyst have said it’s the most expensive video ever done by by an African artiste.


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