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Posted by Biodun on Friday July 26, 2013 10:42:44:

I am registered to Dealdeay.com, one of the top sites where Nigerians can buy into wholesale deals at a discount. I've never paid in money to their account before but n this a particular day when I wanted to top up my account, I paid in some money and yet they've not credited my wallet. Without one's wallet being credited, the person can't buy into any deal. According to the website, they said they'll credit my account within 1 hr of making the deposit but now it has been over 2 days and still no credit to my wallet.

I have contacted their support email at dealdey.com and they'be been no response since 24 hrs now.

Has anyone done business with Dealdeay before? Is this how they operate? How long does it take to get your wallet credited?


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