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Posted by Felix on Tuesday February 28, 2012 12:3:0:

Do you want to make money online in Nigeria? There are several ways to do this but it all involves one thing: You need an online presence (it could be just a Yahoo messenger, an email account, facebook account, skype, website and so on).
Making money online is something that can change the way you see the internet and it involves having something to offer first before you can make any money.

Blogging with Google adsense
One easy way to make money online in Nigeria is by blogging.
Blogging with Google adsense is a sure way to earn easy income in Nigeria as it literally allows you to convert word to dollars.
All you have to do is
- Set up a blog
- Sign up for Google adsense
- Make at least 500 blog posts which should not be less than 250 word each
- Paste the google codes

Now with the above method, you will be earning income when people click on those ads

Online Forex Trading
Another easy you can make money online in Nigeria is by doing online forex trading. This involves buying and selling foreign currencies using a forex account and making a profit based on speculations.
Here's a quick way to get started with forex trading:
- Sign up with a Forex broker like Marketiva
- Add funds to your account using Liberty reserve or Domicilliary account
- Download and install streamster or other trading software on your computer
- Try out the virtual trading tools and learn how to use streamster
- Being live trading with your funds and trade by buying or selling for profit


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