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Posted by Felix on Tuesday February 28, 2012 11:51:50:

Do you want to make money online in Nigeria? Have you been using the internet for so long but still don't know how to profit from it? Do you already have a job but still looking for an alternative way to make money without leaving your job? Well online income could be the answer to many of your problems. The truth is; you can make money online!
How? Well it is quite easy in these steps I'm showing you:
- Get an online presence
- Develop a virtual product/service
- Set up a payment platform

With the above three steps you are very well able to make money online
Now you can apply those steps to the various money making activities that are available on the internet which could be:
- Blogging
- Video Publishing
- Tutorial website
- Online Forex Trading
- Web hosting
- Domain registration
- Article writing
- Email marketing
- Afiliate marketing

Re: Make money online in Nigeria Posted by Kola on Friday January 7, 2011 at 8:4:41:

I want to know how to make money by reading emails and taking surveys

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