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Posted by kenneth on Thursday March 22, 2012 4:31:39:

OK. nice topic lets get in here.. this may be funny but i know dip within my heart that

20% of Nigerians that browse the internet everyday do not know what an e-book cover is(please its

not an insult..just hope you understand where am coming from)

then for those of us that are into information marketing we know that a cover is the face of our e-book and the trick is. with a fine face and a cool name our e-book gets noticed right? but face is the first thing they see just like in an e-book. Your cover is the most important part of your book
so question: how do you get a professional back and front design e-book with extra-ordinary cover well this is a simple step i will take you by hand how to to design your e-book and also make good money creating e-book covers for dummies. learn how to create covers for free with out paying for any software( i repeat professional e-book cover not just plain cover) for more info about the steps please send an email to itking011@gmail.com NOW!! and i will also teach you how to make good money from the internet as a information marketer... do it NOW and get yours

Re: Create Proffessional e-book covers Posted by Emmanuel O. A. on Saturday May 3, 2014 at 13:55:55:

teach me how to make a cover page

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