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Posted by Chukwudi Nwokike on Tuesday February 28, 2012 14:25:24:

At the core of virtually every heart in the University of Nigeria is a penchant for fitness and figure, from students to visitors and members of staff. Within easy reach is a stadium that becomes a beehive of various fitness exercises in the early hours of dawn and at sunset, cutting across all walks of life representative of the university community. And for the love of the game of football, every UNN student is at least a footballer.
University of Nigeria has professional teams in numerous games as well as representatives in various athletic engagements. At the height of athletics is the NUGA games tradition that underscores the virtuosity of our athletes, with countless trophies to show for it. Facilities for different physical activities span the entire expanse of the university.
The sports stadium, partially flanked by the lawn tennis courts and cricket pitch, is a walled-in home for the most engaged-in fitness activities in the University - jogging and soccer. With a soccer pitch at the heart of the stadium encircled by running tracks, and given the massive space it allows, it's easy to explain why it houses the largest sporting crowd: martial arts trainings; high, triple and long jumps; table tennis; among other activities.
There are 3 basketball courts. The primary court is located right beside the Health and Physical Education departmental building, where it graces the view of the heart of the study of athletics and fitness. Fiberglass backboards, nylon nets and distinct markings keep you sure you've made your basket. Whether amateur or professional, the basketball court is open to as many as have a heart for the game. And in case you want to go pro, you can trust that you'll get all the training you require. Beyond this court are the other basketball courts. Just have your basketball with you and you're free to fly.
Being the most-played game in our part of the globe, soccer is played in nearly every open space around the sports facilities. The most major matches are played in the bowl of the stadium, with the pitch tailored to international standards. Behind the stadium are a row of 3 soccer pitches to lend expression to the game we all love, both to watch and to play. And just in case you're wondering, it's open to both male and female soccer lovers.
Lawn Tennis
In the lawn tennis section, there are 6 lawn tennis courts stacked side by side. But the bulk of the action takes place on 3 of the courts, with one of the 3 dedicated to members of staff of the University. Enclosed by wire meshes, this series of courts provide the space for the popular game of lawn tennis. They sit comfortably between the stadium and basketball courts, and to the south of the volleyball court. And just adjacent to the lawn tennis courts is a wide practice wall, just in case you're not confident enough to take up an opponent yet. The wall lets sportsmen play against it for individual practice, warm-ups, or just for the fun of it.
Screened on one side by the basketball and lawn tennis courts and on the other side by the soccer and cricket pitches, the 2 volleyball courts are a sight to watch when a game is in progress. The game of volleyball represents an experience for both players and fans, and on the courts the chance is given once more each day to relive the wonderful experience. And to add more fun to the sights, the game is played by a mixed multitude of male and female players jumping, setting and spiking for the love of the game.
Swimming Pool
The swimming pool is surrounded by the handball, volleyball, badminton and squash courts. It has varying depths to accommodate all levels of swimming skill, from novice to professional. For the brave-hearted and experienced, the 4-step diving platforms are there to try your virtuosity. And for the beginner, the pool attendants are there too guide you in the basics of swimming and guard you from drowning.
Additionally, there is a standard Olympic-size Myrtha pool for competitions just beside the swimming pool and squash court.
Bordered by the swimming pool to the north and the basketball court to the south, the handball court with its green turf is the convergence point for all lovers of handball.
The indoor squash court with pavilion is situated just beyond the swimming pool. The beauty of having this game played within its housing makes it executive in the way it feels. Having ardent lovers even among members of staff helps create a platform of healthy interaction between students and their lecturers, which in turn is one of the positive effects of sports and sportsmanship in general. The
Situated beside the soccer pitches, the hockey pitch sports an amphitheatre for spectators and the playground for the players.
Also beside the soccer pitches, the cricket pitch serves for practice and match grounds for cricket players.
The badminton court is an indoor sports hall beside the swimming pools.


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